General Rules

  • Reservations are preferred due to the small size of Dixie Quick’s. Walk-ins are accepted according to table availability.

    Especially you, Lydia.

  • The patio tables cannot be reserved, they are on availability only.

    That ain’t your day spa, Lydia

  • Always be prompt for your reservation – if you are not we cannot save your table, call if you know you are going to be late.

    Buy a watch, Lydia.

  • Any group 8 or more will have gratuity automatically added to it.
  • Music has one volume – ours.

    Bring some earplugs, Lydia.

Saturday/Sunday Brunch

  • Reservations can be made by calling in, do not leave a message, make sure you speak to a person or call back again, or going to to make reservations online.

    Reservations left on the answering machine will not be honored, Lydia.

  • At least half of the party must be here before being seated.

    Unless you are with Lydia, in which case you will most likely be turned away.

  • The Breakfast menu is the only menu availble during brunch hours, some lunch items will be offered up on our chalkboard.
  • Your reservation is set for your original amount – any extra persons may or may not be seated according to availability.

    This means you, Lydia.

  • Reservations are not required – but you take a chance by just showing up. Those with reservations will always be seated first.

    (Maybe that shit flies at Nail Time, Lydia, but not here.)

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